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To: London Borough of Redbridge

No built development on Redbridge green belt!

No built development on Redbridge green belt!

Stop the proposal to relocate the Corporation of London three massive London markets – Billingsgate, Smithfield’s and New Spitalfields.
The area pinpointed by Redbridge is 162 acres of green belt farmland on Hainault and Red House Farms on Hainault Road, Little Heath.
This is being floated by LB Redbridge Regeneration section and being backed by the Leader of the Council Jas Athwal, Wes Streeting MP Ilford North and Keith Prince GLA Assembly Member for Havering and Ilford

Why is this important?

The 162 acres of development will effectively cut the greenbelt of Fairlop Plain in two leaving the areas ripe for future development in any future development plan review.

The London Mayor has stated that London's Green Belt is sacrosanct and should be protected.

The area proposed is the middle section of a working farm cutting the farm in two which affects the future viability.

All of Fairlop Plain is one of London's largest Sites of Nature Conservation Importance (SINC) this development also cuts the SINC in two and the land take will be such that the SINC is totally compromised. The area is likely to lose the remaining London Brown Hare population along with its farmland bird population.

Transport to and from the site will make a major impact on the environment. Adding to the existing local congestion of the A12 and especially the junction of Hainault Rd and Barley lane with the resulting pollution increase.

London Borough of Redbridge

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