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To: David Monk, Leader of Shepway District Council

No Development on Prince's Parade

Dear David Monk, please confirm to the people of Hythe and the local community in Seabrook that you will reject any proposal to develop the site at Prince's Parade.

Why is this important?

The land is a protected piece of open land which allows exceptional vistas of Hythe and Shorncliffe and should not be developed. The current proposals of 150 residential flats and houses on the site will change the character of Hythe forever and will lead to the almost inevitable development of the adjacent golf course to a similar residential density.

The land at Princes Parade has been dredged, its been quarried, it’s been land filled, it successfully defended us against Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler, it protects us and our Ancient Scheduled Monument from the ravages of the sea and provides a unique habitat for wildlife. The land creates fantastic vistas of the surrounding hills, it is a protected open space, It has a recorded planning history which should make it undevelopable for residential purposes. Definitely worth fighting for!

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver the petition to David Monk the leader of Shepway District Council ahead of the presentation of the final consultant's report on the consultation, likely to be in November 2016.

Princes Parade, Hythe, Kent, United Kingdom

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2016-09-24 02:32:26 +0100

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2015-07-13 13:21:41 +0100

Dear Friends of Prince's Parade,

I hope you feel I have fulfilled my promise of not filling your in-box up with unnecessary emails but I thought I would alert you of two important meetings:

Hythe Town Council are discussing the Development of Prince's Parade at their meeting on the 16th July at Hythe Town Hall commencing at 6.45pm. Under the heading: Hythe Swimming Pool
The town councillors will receive a presentation from SDC Officers, Susan Priest and Andy Jarrett, regarding various matters relating to Hythe Swimming Pool.

The development of Prince's Parade is also on the agenda for the next Shepway District Council Cabinet Meeting scheduled for the 22nd July at Council Chamber - Civic Centre Folkestone. The meeting is scheduled to start at 5.00pm but I think the public part of the meeting starts later.

It is always helpful to get as many people as possible along to these meetings, so you can see local democracy in action, if nothing else!


2014-08-04 16:50:21 +0100

Hi I'm sorry I'm not very good at this web site stuff, but the campaign continues with lots going on:

you can join me for a leisurely walk around Princes Parade on 16th August, a discussion about the Council’s proposals to develop the site, a chat about contamination, piling, flooding and mains services, with just a discreet word about sewers! – Start at 10.00am from the White Tram Stop on Princes Parade. We did a walk last year and the weather was fantastic, check out the video


2013-07-06 16:35:09 +0100

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