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To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson

No excuses: make the climate crisis a priority now

Environmental experts have said the new government's plans for the environment and climate are nowhere near ambitious enough to avoid climate catastrophe. Your warm words on the climate crisis are not good enough. We need you to take strong action and make the climate crisis a priority.

Why is this important?

During the election, Boris Johnson failed to show up to the Channel 4 leaders debate - demonstrating that he doesn’t see the climate crisis as a priority for his government.

Environmental experts are saying that urgent action is needed far earlier than the 2050 deadline set in the Conservative manifesto. Boris Johnson needs to take real action on climate NOW - and the only way he will, is if he knows the public expects him to. Will you add your name to the petition before it's too late?


Reasons for signing

  • Robert's comment below pretty well sums it up. Thing is ... Boris and his ilk are absolute puppets of sociopathic corporate greed. I do not suppose that a petition will stop him carrying out his orders (and taking his cut). A Lemming 'majority' in carefully re - boundaried seats have given him the mandate. The rest of us must do everything possible to disrupt his master's intentions.
  • I want people to help the climate and do things to save and protect Australia is one country that's been affected let's prevent others
  • Because BJ is an idiot if he thinks our planet isn’t under threat and changes don’t need to be made immediately


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