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To: The Highland Council

No fish farms in the Sound of Canna

No fish farms in the Sound of Canna

Do not allow Mowi to build their proposed salmon farm off the coast of the Isle of Canna.

Why is this important?

Multi-million pound corporation MOWI wants to build the largest fish farm in the UK off the coast of Canna, an island in the Hebrides.

The Sound of Canna is one of the most environmentally protected areas in the UK. If the fish farm is built, Scottish National Heritage says it will have significant impacts on the environment, polluting the sea, and threatening birds and marine animals like puffins, porpoises, and seals.

Scotland’s wild salmon populations are the lowest they’ve ever been, and building a new fish farm could put more wild salmon at risk of contracting deadly diseases from farmed salmon.

Please sign the petition now, and tell the Highland Council to protect the Sound of Canna, and reject MOWI’s proposal to build the UK’s biggest fish farm.



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