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To: Wandsworth Council

** NO ** “Tooting Commons Area” LTN (Low Traffic Neighbourhood)

** NO ** “Tooting Commons Area” LTN (Low Traffic Neighbourhood)


On 9 May 2016 Wandsworth Borough Council proclaimed “Dr Johnson Avenue will remain open” after "Nearly 70% of respondents voiced opposition to the scheme" stating "This was the biggest response we have had to a public consultation for many years" -

Four years later, Wandsworth Council have announced plans for a “Tooting Commons” LTN (Low Traffic Neighbourhood) between Balham & Tooting Bec Road - plans to be implemented on 10th August 2020 close DR JOHNSON AVE (southbound) & ELMBOURNE ROAD (in BOTH directions) to through traffic. Plans are documented here... AND are in addition to SEVERE restrictions leaving / entering Balham High Road (part of Cycle Superhighway 7 upgrade) which are documented here...

These combined plans will impact ALL residents living in roads within Heaver itself, Bedford South of Tooting Bec Road, Furzedown, Graveney (Tooting), Nightingale (Chetwode Road, Holdernesse Road etc.) and St. Leonards (Garrad’s Road etc.) etc.

This campaign is AGAINST a Tooting Commons LTN.

As well as signing this petition, please let Wandsworth Council know your views here... (you may need to revisit when the link is live but please do so 😊)

If you object to Cycle Superhighway 7 plans please ALSO sign here...

Why is this important?

There will be displacement of traffic onto streets which will suffer from increased noise, pollution and congestion.

We STRONGLY OBJECT to proposals.

Elmbourne Rd, London SW17, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • I’m a cyclist and this scheme makes me unsafe. Roads are more block I breath more pollution and this week nearly got hit by angry drivers stuck on the road. Please stop this is non sense! During a pandemic you cannot do that, people are scared to take public transport and we can’t walk long distance. I’m now thinking of consulting lawyers for case against you to make my life in danger
  • As a Pensioner & Local resident finding it very difficult to move around Locally
  • This is catastrophic for traffic and parents coordination on share lifts which result in increasing pollution tremendously . Just the opposite of the purpose


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