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To: Miller Homes & Halton Borough Council

No Housing Development on Prescot Road Playing Fields

To stop the building of any housing development on the designated Green Space Playing Fields land known as Prescot Road Playing Fields.

Why is this important?

This land is extremely important in terms of making up part of the sporting pitch provision and the green space of Widnes. We believe that it must remain so.

This land is designated as sporting/recreational Green Space in Halton Borough Council's Local Plan, as such any permission to build a housing estate on it should be refused.

We have lost many of our green areas to housing development due to government planning laws. Housing development of this land would have a hugely detrimental impact on people living in Highfield Ward and Hough Green Ward.

We urge Miller Homes to think again and stop their proposal to submit a planning application to put houses on this green space.

If they will not, we urge Halton Borough Council to do everything in their power to stop any part of this designated sporting/recreational/green space land being turned into a housing development.

Hough Green Ward Councillors
Cllr Sandra Baker
Cllr Kevan Wainwright
Cllr Phil Harris

Highfield Ward Councillors
Cllr Andrea Wall
Cllr Paul Nolan
Cllr Bob Gilligan
Hough Green Rd, Widnes WA8 4YN, UK

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