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To: UK Government

No More Deaths: Help put an end to preventable deaths in state custody or care

INQUEST is calling on the government to create a National Oversight Mechanism: A new independent public body responsible for collating, analysing and following-up on recommendations arising from inquests, inquiries, official reviews and investigations into state-related deaths.

Why is this important?

Public and private bodies have a duty to keep us safe from harm and protect our lives, but every year hundreds of people die preventable deaths in state custody or care.

These include deaths of people in police and prison custody, mental health settings and following disasters including at Grenfell and Hillsborough.

In response, the public and bereaved families need transparency, accountability and action, so that changes are made to protect us and our families and prevent future deaths.

Hundreds of vital recommendations are made following inquests and inquiries. Yet there is no system in place to oversee them or ensure changes are made.

Potentially life-saving recommendations are too often forgotten, dismissed or simply not implemented. This leads to yet more preventable deaths and harms.

The current gap in the system has serious implications for bereaved families. It also undermines public trust in the UK’s investigatory framework and has a significant human and financial cost.

Support INQUEST and the bereaved families standing alongside us in calling for this change, to help protect lives.

"The only thing that makes sense of the loss of your loved one is that maybe lessons will be learned and the same thing will not happen to someone else."
- Andy McCulloch, father of Colette McCulloch




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