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To: Local Authorities

No to Flodigarry and Balmaqueen Fish Farms

We as a community strongly object to the proposed development of two "Organic" Marine Salmon Farms on the coast of Flodigarry and Balmaqueen.

Why is this important?

Flodigarry and Balmaqueen is situated within the Trotternish peninsula on the Isle of Skye.

There are two proposed large scale fish farm developments planned within 1 mile of each other on the east coast of Trotternish

This stretch of water is home to many local marine mammals, some of which include dolphins, porpoise, whales, basking sharks and common seals of which there is a colony on Flodigarry Island just 1km away from one of the proposed sites. Otters are residents on this coast and various species of birds nest on the island.

Cetaceans, sea mammals, birds and fish will all be intoxicated by the discarded chemical, material and biological waste from the farms, which will also have a serious impact on our seas. There is also a potential for entanglement of birds and marine mammals in the netted compounds of these farms.

Pollution through siltation from the proposed farms is worrying causing unnatural and concentrated damage to the seabed and fossil beds of the area.

Acoustic Deterrent Devices adds to underwater noise pollutions which is known to cause behavioural problems in marine mammals. They affect various types of cetaceans that are sensitive to the noise and these effects could be fatal.

Concerns over smell, particularly with an onshore wind direction, will be unpleasant to not only the local population, but also any visitors, potentially having a negative impact on returning visits, especially when the inevitable salmon deaths occur as seen all too regularly on fish farms around Skye

The special qualities and natural beauty this part of the island has to offer does not only aid the wellbeing of residents, but from an economic perspective, this area contributes greatly for the increase in popularity of the Island’s main industry - Tourism.

Please help us take a stance and save our waters!
Flodigarry, Portree

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