To: David Gauke (Work and pensions secretary)

Don't increase pension age to 68

Don't increase pension age to 68

Please don't increase the pension age above 66.

Why is this important?

To require people to work to they are 68 before they can claim a state pension is unfair and unreasonable. It is an example of government policy discriminating against younger generations. This policy will affect people born in the 1970's and younger, it's time to say no!


Reasons for signing

  • Stop throwing our young men at wars about making your warmongering business mates money and stand up to the deal you made people when they started paying their pensions you crooks. MPs pensions look very different to ours. How come you can afford those - so you think you're worth more than us. That's no surprise and a very bad joke.
  • They shouldn't put up age for pensions age up shouldn't happen
  • Am I ever going to retire or will our government keep increasing the pension age willy nilly until I'm dead, or some time after I've been carted off to a home for the bewildered and my rather modest flat, for which I'm working very hard, has been taken off me? They keep telling us that the money has to come from somewhere. Well, it's not good enough. The money has to come from somewhere else.


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