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To: 10 downing street

No to No Deal - Yes to Best Deal

I would like to ask wider British public to sign this petition to 10 Downing Street, requesting that so called "hard Brexit" strategy is replaced by an alternative - positive approach to the UK's future relationship with the EU.

Why is this important?

No to No Deal, Yes to Best Deal
Brexit is already on its way. There is a myth being spread by right wing news tabloids that Corbyn's Labour would do us worse if in friendly terms with Europe. But all credible analysis suggest that (Br)exiting the EU does not have to be, in fact it can not be an unilateral, hostile process. Tories inflexible strategy of unscrambling egg is not realistic but a populist approach. If you think you support good relationship with the EU after Brexit, please sign this petition.



2017-06-17 06:18:43 +0100

10 signatures reached