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To: Croydon Council

No to Privatisation of Croydon's Libraries

No to Privatisation of Croydon's Libraries

We are calling on you to halt the privatisation of Croydon's libraries.

A public consultation on these plans has never been held and the decision has been forced through behind closed doors without proper scrutiny or transparency.

Why is this important?

This is our last chance to save Croydon's libraries.

When library closures were originally proposed just six libraries were under threat. The people of Croydon rallied together against the plans and more than twenty thousand people spoke out in support of our libraries through a public consultation.

Residents’ views were ignored and the Council forged ahead with plans to privatise, slashing the library service via back door cuts to prepare for this process. The original divisive consultation made no mention of privatisation or outsourcing the library service. It only consulted on the closure of six rather than the whole network of 13 libraries. The public have never been consulted on the outsourcing of our library service, which is due to go through imminently.

Serious concerns have been raised about the tendering process and the company which is due to run the libraries. Repeated requests for information have been refused.

We have to let Croydon Council know that they cannot and must not ignore the wishes of the residents that they serve. If enough of us sign the petition we can force them to hold a debate on this issue so we can expose the truth and foster proper engagement and accountability: something sorely lacking in Croydon.

The Council claims no buildings have or will be closed BUT a library is so much more than just a building.

If we want our voice heard we must act NOW!

Croydon, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Privatise the lending of books??! What?!
  • Do not want to see a public service privatised
  • Croydon residents are having privatisation foisted upon them. Many aren't even aware their library would be affected. This is wrong and must be stopped!


2013-06-30 08:16:31 +0100

Have you seen the raw data from the libraries consultation?

Just one response to say outsource, and this only refers to outsourcing inefficient departments, but makes clear that public services like libraries should be left alone.

It's worth noting how many residents mentioned cutting pay of councillors, reducing monies wasted on consultants and so on, but these got completely overlooked.

Full details here:

Please take a moment to sign the petition.

2013-06-28 01:37:09 +0100

Downloadable poster and flyer documents have been produced to help spread the word. Find them at Please use them to spread the word to keep the signatures coming in. There is the facility to add details of those genuinely unable to sign on line, so do get in touch via [email protected] if this is applicable in a case you are involved in, but isn't this the ideal time to use PCs in your local library to sign (or to provide support to others who are unable to access to sign themselves)? Please help us by spreading the word and adding your comments.

Thank you!

2013-06-26 18:02:41 +0100

Thanks for signing! Please keep spreading the word.

2013-06-24 19:01:54 +0100

Thank you for signing. We've reached 200 signatures. Please keep spreading the word!

Please watch for updates and to add comments. You can follow the campaign on twitter @SaveCroydonLibs

2013-06-23 23:47:43 +0100

We are already approaching 200 signatures on the petition. Please keep spreading the word!

Find the update at

2013-06-22 16:12:53 +0100

100 signatures reached

2013-06-21 20:16:37 +0100

50 signatures reached

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