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To: Hackney Council

No to road closures that will increase pollution at schools and nurseries

Hackney Council has said that its proposals within the ‘Walford Road Area Environmental Improvements’ consultation will result in more traffic on Stoke Newington Church St, where several primary schools and nurseries are located, increasing the amount of pollution that hundreds of children are exposed to.

The Cleaner Air for William Patten parent group is calling on Hackney Council to re-think the proposals and come up with a better solution for Walford and Brighton Roads that doesn’t have such damaging knock-on effects for child health.

Why is this important?

We believe all children have the right to play in their playground without breathing dirty air. Asthma, compromised cognitive development in children and some cancers can all stem from or be affected by pollution.

William Patten Primary School will be among those impacted. It is already one of London’s most polluted schools, and Hackney Council's monitoring has shown nitrogen dioxide levels at the school gate are significantly over the legal European limit.

We are in favour of creating more livable neighbourhoods, but we don't believe that the Council should be making changes that push more traffic past schools - one of which has pollution levels that are already over legal limits.

Stoke Newington, London

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