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To: Portsmouth City Council - Planning inspectorate at appeal hearing


Please refuse planning for McCarthy & Stone to redevelop the land at the former Savoy Buildings & Savoy Court, South Parade, Southsea. The plans propose the introduction of Retirement Living accommodation and a Co-op supermarket on the ground floor.

Why is this important?

This is prime tourist land and the proposed building is totally inappropriate. The design in no way represents the quality of the building that was previously there and it does not fit in with the Victorian style buildings on either side.

The proposed usage is also totally unsuitable if we are to attract tourists and regenerate the Seafront area. To even consider retirement flats and a Co-op supermarket opposite a newly refurbished South Parade Pier and on such prime tourist land is beyond comprehension and if McCarthy & Stone have one ounce of intelligence and care about the local economy and the people of Portsmouth, they will withdraw the application themselves.

We already have an example of their work with the shockingly out of place "Homeheights" development next to the the Queens Hotel in Southsea that demonstrates their catastrophic failure to fit in with the surrounding area or build something of any substance and even that is allegedly 4 floors higher than was originally agree by planning.

For the people of Portsmouth and in the name of common sense the answer has to be NO. We deserve better. Our Seafront deserves better and our City deserves better.

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Reasons for signing

  • It's ugly, also not in keeping with th architecture surrounding it.
  • Not needed or wanted. We can do better than this !
  • yet anoother example of the council allowing our great cities heritage and fond memories of generations to just slip away!..or is it yet another case of tory "mates rates" for greedy land developers?


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2015-04-19 20:43:29 +0100

Portsmouth City Council have told McCarthy & Stone that the building that they propose to build opposite the South Parade Pier is inappropriate and fails to contribute positively to the setting of our Seafront and they have therefore been REFUSED Planning permission. - McCarthy & Stone think that they can overturn the decision of out planning department by appealing to the planning inspectorate - The People of Portsmouth need to make a stand and show Macarthy & Stone that NO means NO . We deserve better. Our Seafront deserves better and our City deserves better. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION - This must be stopped.

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2015-04-18 12:23:20 +0100

And for those people that think a McCarthy & Stone retirement home is a great idea, try listening to someone that bought one - "The complex is built so quickly that a lot of problems occur - usually 'after' the two year guarantee...which means all repairs are down to the owners. We have had leaks galore here - every flat. One so major we had to have extensive work to the communal area which fortunately, was covered by insurance. The house manager needs to be caring, but, some are 'bullies' and 'divide and rule' takes place. I am 'stuck' in a rut here, will never be able to move...I could fill a book on my experiences"
Also see Channel 4 Dispatches

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2015-04-18 01:46:38 +0100

Some people are so desperate, they would even settle for a Supermarket to liven the place up. If they told you they were knocking down a strip of historic nightclubs to build this there would have been an uproar -

2015-04-18 00:49:29 +0100

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