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To: North Tyneside Council

North Tyneside Council to abolish parking charges

North Tyneside Council to abolish parking charges

I would like the council to abolish ALL car parking charges along the coast to increase visitor numbers & make it easier for people who may not have the means to use their current NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE scheme.

Why is this important?

North Tyneside Council currently have a system of parking charges which unfairly discriminates against anyone who has not got/ is unable to use either a mobile phone or debit card to pay for parking. The council also charge till 8pm every evening which is later than all surrounding council areas.
Up and down the coastal car parks the council are replacing coin machines with pay by APP or debit card payment only. This means that people who use cash only cannot park as many people do not routinely carry mobile phones or debit cards whilst walking dogs, exercising, using the beach etc....
This ridiculous ruling will also undoubtedly have an undesirable knock on effect of additional parking in residential streets by visitors to the area.

People who do not have mobile phones & debit cards for payment are being unfairly discriminated against by the council.

North Tyneside District

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Reasons for signing

  • The coast is for everyone to enjoy & not a revenue stream for the council to exploit!.


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