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To: West Northants Council/Northampton Forward

Northampton Market Square

Northampton Market Square

We want our Market Square to remain a fully open space without new permanent or temporary structures, be it random seating or stalls. Rather than a new fountain, which doesn't work, a modern market cross should be chosen by competition.

The square should be celebrated and remain the largest enclosed Market Square in England. The buildings around the outside should be cleaned up and restored and all the listed buildings marked as such. This petition is only for the Market Square and not any other part of the master plan for the town centre.

Update - the Market Square cannot be closed during any renovations as this will destroy the market which was given by Royal charter and has run uninterrupted since 1235 (even during earlier renovations).

Why is this important?

NBC has not given the people of Northampton the opportunity to say they do not like the plans put forward in their new consultation on the future of Northampton Market Square and have presented a fait accompli - this petition redresses the balance.

Our Market Square is reputedly the largest and oldest enclosed market square in England. It has been in existence since 1235 and has been the centre of town life since then, with many locally and nationally important events taking place there. As such, it should not be changed and those events that took place in the square over its long history commemorated. Please see the Civic Society alternative plan for the square.


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