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To: Northern rail

Northern rail gaps danger

Northern rail gaps danger

Change the size of the gaps between platforms and trains. Other train company's have a made a step closer. People have fallen down the side o trains and someone's going get killed. Children and dogs at risk. So spend money put in extra steps closer to platforms. My dog fell at the weekend left hanging 4ft drop and it could of been a child.

Why is this important?

Some one will die. People have fallen down to the tracks including staff and a conductor in 2015. It's a danger stop train company's before it could be you. A simple signature could make a huge difference to safety for a child on a train. Shipley train station is one of the worst.

How it will be delivered



Reasons for signing

  • Wording isn't the best but Shipley station is a bit of a worry for children and people with mobility, or visual problems due to the large gap. Northern should investigate possible improvements.
  • I've fallen nearly down gaps


2019-11-20 13:48:35 +0000

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