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To: The Cabinet of Norwich City Council

Norwich People Before Tennis Courts

We the undersigned call on the Cabinet of Norwich City Council to leave the old lawn tennis courts in Heigham Park as green space for community use and wildlife, and to redirect the approximately £200,000 earmarked to create hard, floodlit courts towards spending that will benefit local people in real, urgent need.

Why is this important?

Many Norwich residents are facing hardship, and needs are going unmet as shown in this recent report in the Eastern Evening News On top of deep cuts in government funding following years of austerity, the City Council has seen a huge loss of income due to Covid-19, and now says it is looking into a financial black hole. The funds intended for the expansion of facilities for tennis players would be far more justly spent on addressing urgent everyday needs such as accommodation for the homeless, community safety measures and more children's play areas.

Norwich, UK

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