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To: Department for Transport and Derby City Council

Object to the A38 road development around Derby

Object to the A38 road development around Derby

Consider the long term implications for climate change, and reconsider the felling of a hundred trees in Markeaton Park.

Consider the chaos which will be caused in neighbouring areas during the 4 years of construction, and the implications for local air quality.

Why is this important?

Highways England are planning on expanding the A38 to add an extra lane of traffic. In doing so, they will fell hundreds of precious trees from Markeaton park.

Trees are important because they take carbon dioxide out of the air, and play a role in removing other pollutants produced by vehicles. The kinds of mature trees that will be destroyed as a result of this road expansion cannot easily be replaced.

Central Government and Derby city council have both declared climate emergencies. We should be aiming to reduce volumes of traffic, not encouraging more cars and more toxic car fumes.

Furthermore, the current plans for expansion are set to take four years. That's four years of disruptive construction for locals, just for higher levels of air pollution.

How it will be delivered

We will hand them in at a hearing, and aim to trigger a debate at the City Council.

Derby, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • I have noticed all the mature trees near the railway tracks have now been felled. In a country where trees are supposedly the answer to the problems of CO2 and climate change you have to ask yourself if is it wanton destruction or stupidity that drives our governments' (local and national) policies?
  • What is the sense of a 3rd lane between only 2 junctions? One that makes the 2018 Climate targets impossible. The CO2 absorption of 2000 saplings is nothing compared with just one of these trees.
  • This will have a serious impact on the environment, on local businesses and on Markeaton Park


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