To: UKgambling commission


It has become clear that some large online poker sites operate outwith UK consumer rights with impunity. Banning customers because they complain or because they deem they are winning too much. They ban customers for life for no reason they refuse to surrender details under FOI or SAR and they refuse to fully address customer concerns. Some employ banking practices which see as many as six charges for one transaction. We need to see a standardised set of rules which MUST be followed by every site operating in the UK and force these sites to charge once only and use banking practice which prevents customers being charged several times then several times again by banks. Force these companies to take only the currency for that country and exchange it internally at a predetermined exchange rate .

Why is this important?

This is important because if we allow online poker sites to ignore rules then it will continue to be the norm. Where you have no consumer rights. Bad behaviour and fraud is endemic in online poker by staff.

United Kingdom

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