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To: Chancellor Rishi Sunak

Only bail out businesses that act responsibly

All UK Government and Bank of England bailouts should have conditions attached to make sure businesses:

- Protect jobs
- Fully pay their fair share of tax
- Reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to meet climate targets

Why is this important?

The Bank of England is bailing out huge businesses with billions of pounds of taxpayers money - but some of these businesses are destroying our climate, avoiding paying tax, and laying off workers.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The government could choose to only provide Bank of England bailouts to companies that protect jobs and the climate, and pay their fair share of tax. Or they could continue - businesses as usual - and dole out taxpayer money irresponsibly.

Campaign groups have been working hard to uncover the scale of this crisis. And public polling has shown that 63% of the public think big businesses should only receive public bailout money if they agree to these key conditions.

But if we are to stand a chance of building a fairer, greener country after the pandemic - we’re going to need to turn up the pressure. A huge petition - signed by hundreds and thousands of members of the public will send a clear message: only bail out businesses which help build a fairer, greener future.


Reasons for signing

  • A system geared for profit making companies disregarding ethics and social responsibility
  • Tax evasion is a drain on the economy, money is being stolen from the treasury through billionaires and millionaires dodging their fair share, and this needs to be curbed in order for economic recovery to be attained!
  • Large corporations should be held to account, they get away with murder. Literally in some cases


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