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To: Vale of the White Horse District Council

Open Abbey Meadow Outdoor Pool NOW!

Open Abbey Meadow Outdoor Pool NOW!

Open Abbey Meadow Outdoor Pool and sprinklers NOW!

Why is this important?

Chipping Norton, Banbury, Wallingford, Reading, High Wycombe and Hinskey are all outdoor pools that are OPEN right now! And FULLY BOOKED! Try getting a slot at Hinksey - good luck!
Why not Abingdon?
The council say 'covid - no money'.
We say, covid - get healthy outdoor swimming.
We say, covid - improve your mental health through exercise.
We say, covid - bring people into the town centre to support struggling businesses.
We say covid - staycation and go to the pool!
The pool should be running extra sessions from 6am until 10pm in the summer to get everyone in - not staying shut up.

All those other pools can be run at extra capacity, so is it just poor management?

We say no to Abingdon becoming a ghost town dormitory to Oxford - the pool brings tens of thousands of people into the town centre every summer, supporting local businesses and the wider economy. Where will those business rates be coming from when the whole of Abingdon closes?

Open the Pool now - it is not a dispensable, last on the list, afterthought - it is an essential public asset.

The splashpark and the kiosk are shut as well, which is bonkers - the toilets keep getting closed - what is going on? This is the beating heart of Abingdon!

Support the pool, let's get it open, let's send the Vale of the White Horse District Council a message. You've got the control of the council now Lib Dems - show us that you can use this opportunity that the people of Abingdon gave you wisely.

How it will be delivered

E-mail them and deliver talk at the council meeting.

Abingdon, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Nice pool l
  • I have very fond memories of spending time here as a child. Careful and competent management of the site so that is available more often and supported by local traders is what I recommend. This way it can provide revenue for the council, contributing to the site becoming a social and recreational hub for the area. Many people want to use the space particularly given the present weather, I would urge the council to reconsider thier current plans or lack thereof for the location
  • This pool is the heart of Abingdon I understand due to Covid it was close but we all can come together and keep safe and reopen the pool the children love the pool so much gives so much Energy for them? Also adults two I’m sure there can be some measures put in place to keep safe because of Covid and help get us all back to some normal life again after being in lockdown for over a year


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