To: Hull City council / Super stadium management

Open gate at sociable hours or remove!!!

Open gate at sociable hours or remove!!!

It’s a footpath the public use and it should either be open for people to use during the days and not just for match days the public use it a lot during sociable hours!! The gate shouldn’t be locked 24/7 unless it’s a match day 2 hours before kick off!!

Why is this important?

It’s apart of day to day life cutting time of journeys its always been there for a public walk through!!!

KCom Stadium, Hull

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Reasons for signing

  • I use this path to walk with the kids into town, giving the kids exercise and saving on bus fares. It is a much more pleasant and safer route than walking down anlaby road.
  • I live local and often use this bridge to get to and from town. It is my go to route if I'm running late. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't use it late at night but myself and my son feel safer walking this way during the day as we don't have to walk past all the drug addicts/alcoholics near bean street and porter street!
  • A great way to avoid the traffic, noise, lights and exhaust fumes or the rails at Walton Street level crossing. This should be accessible at all times.


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