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To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Secretary of State Robert Jenrick



We're calling on you to commit to including the following changes in any reforms to section 21:

- An end to unfair evictions - landlords should not be able to evict renters unless they can prove they are moving back in or have sold the property.
- Support when forced to move - landlords evicting tenants because they are moving back in or have sold the property should pay the tenants’ relocation costs
- Stopping landlords abusing no-fault grounds - landlords who want to evict to move back in must have lived in the property previously
- Encouraging landlords to sell with sitting tenants - landlords who want to evict to sell can only do so once sale contracts have been exchanged
- Preventing retaliatory rent hikes - introduce rent controls and prevent landlords from raising the rent as a way of evicting.
- More time to find a new home - there must be a notice period of 6 months or more for tenants.

Why is this important?

Everyone deserves to call a house a home. We need a housing system that puts people before profit. Right now, a law called section 21 means landlords can evict renters with just two months’ notice without being given a reason. This law allows landlords to respond to a request for a repair to be made by carrying out a “revenge eviction” on their tenants.

The Government is currently consulting on ending section 21 and replacing it with new laws. We want to ensure that these new laws abolish unfair evictions and provide safe, secure and fair homes for tenants. Renters need more control over their housing situation.


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Reasons for signing

  • My niece moved 4 times before the age of 2. Toddlers are creatures of routine and habit. This was very unsettling for her moving nurseries & having strangers for neighbours every 6 months for 2 years. The stress my sister endured was ridiculous. Politicians should be put on minimum wage so things change quicker!
  • My family have lived in 13 different houses. We are just about to move again because our landlord wants to do up the house and sell it.The best thing the gov could do is create more social housing. At the moment too much power is in landlords hands and renters have to go cap in hand, with credit checks; reference checks and applications. Landlords refuse to house children and family pets - even in ex council houses built as family homes!
  • Children need stability, families need to be able to stay near work and children near schools. Constant uprooting is stressful.


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