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To: The British Government

Open Safe Corridor for Palestinian Refugees in Gaza to come to the UK

Open a Safe Corridor for Palestinians in Gaza to come to the UK and for the Government to commit to their safe return when the two state solution is confirmed - in the interim the UN protects Palestinian land from illegal occupation.

Why is this important?

As one of many citizens of the United Kingdom urge the UK government to take immediate action towards establishing a safe corridor for Palestinians in Gaza to seek refuge, while also securing their right to return when a two-state solution is agreed upon. We condemn the continuous human rights violations endured by the Palestinian population at the hands of the Israeli government forces and Hamas, and believe it is imperative to address this pressing issue.

The Need for a Safe Corridor:
Similar to the Ukraine scheme there is an urgent necessity for the UK government to establish a safe corridor for Palestinian civilians in Gaza to be able to access a safe haven away from the current war where 1000's of innocent people have already been killed.

Key Issues:

A. Humanitarian Crisis: The war led by Israel which has destroyed living conditions, limited access to clean water, healthcare, education, and food, has necessitated the need to create an urgent need for a safe corridor in order to safeguard the lives and well-being of innocent civilians. Already 1000's have died, mainly children.

B. Protection of Civilian Lives: Already 1000's of people, many of them children have been killed. The constant threat of violence and military operations disproportionately affect innocent Palestinians, including women, children, and the elderly. A safe corridor would provide an escape route for those seeking refuge.

C. International Responsibility: As a humanitarian global leader, the UK has a moral obligation to protect vulnerable populations and uphold human rights. Establishing a safe corridor would demonstrate the UK's commitment to justice and peace.

D. Guaranteeing Right of Return:
The importance of guaranteeing the right of Palestinians to return to their ancestral homeland is crucial because:

a. Historical Context: The right of return is a fundamental principle upheld by international law and numerous United Nations resolutions. Palestinians deserve the right to return to their homes when a viable two-state solution is agreed upon.

b. Dignity and Justice: Denying Palestinians the right to return undermines their dignity, perpetuates injustice, and perpetuates the cycle of displacement and suffering. It is crucial to address this issue in order to achieve a just and lasting solution.



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