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To: Drum Property Group and University of Edinburgh

Open the Shops

Open the Shops

Drum Property Group is threatening to end the leases of the last 4 businesses at 106-154 Leith Walk as soon as they can. The University of Edinburgh should make its partner Drum Property Group offer at least rolling leases to the remaining businesses until plans for the building are finalised. This would give them a couple of years of life as the City of Edinburgh Council recently unanimously rejected their planning application.

Why is this important?

The Leith Walk community is in real danger of being ruined. The red sandstone building at 106-154 Leith Walk used to house up to
40 offices and shops on its two floors. The developer, Drum Property
Group wants ‘vacant possession’ as soon as possible to build student
accommodation for the University of Edinburgh.
Thriving local community businesses such as the Leith Walk Café, grassroots music venue Leith Depot and others are facing early closure thanks to the joint actions of the University of Edinburgh and Drum Property Group.

The University claims that it wants to take the needs of
local communities into account when building new student
accommodation. It can do so by working with its partner, Drum
Property Group, to offer existing business month to month, repeating
leases and also offers the vacant shops to new businesses on a similar basis.


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Reasons for signing

  • Leith is becoming increasingly popular but if the property developers take away business such as Leith Depot, as they are trying to do, they are taking away the character has made Leith so valuable to the community that lives here.
  • Because the horrible hoardings make Leith look awful. The plans have been rejected so open the units.
  • Shutting the shops enables deterioration and leads to a new argument for redevelopment The shops should be open an in use keeping the community alive - not forced into deterioration / abandonment claims


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