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To: Teresa May

Open Twerton Railway Station

Open Twerton railway station. With growing pollution levels in Bath and a traffic crisis this makes perfect sense to open a station with over 10.000 people living with in a mile of this station that was closed 70 years ago due to the cost of WW1. Please share and sign. Bath city needs this station.

Why is this important?

For the community and for pollution.


Reasons for signing

  • Would make job opportunities in Bristol a lot more accessible for people living in Twerton (especially west Twerton).
  • It makes sense to use a station that already exists and needs upgrading as opposed to building a new station. The #5 bus runs late as it is usually stuck in traffic, maybe the station would help to alleviate this.
  • We need less cars on the roads in Bath, what a perfect solution to use the railway!


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