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To: Wiltshire County Council

Oppose Badger Cull in Wiltshire

To Wiltshire County Councillors:
Whilst several councils adjacent to Wiltshire have voted to ban badger culling on their land, Wiltshire County council has yet to commit themselves to any action.
I appeal to you to support the adjacent councils and also ban badger culling on land owned by Wilts County Council.

Why is this important?

The case against badgers, that they are the main transmitter of TB to cows, is as yet unproven, and until the scientists can agree and have definite proof of their guilt, culling badgers is a crime against nature.
Badgers are an important link in the food chain of the woodland and countryside scene, and like all animals, should be treasured and preserved, not criminalised and destroyed.
It is hoped that a vaccine to protect cows will be available within a few years. I would like the government to put money into this instead of culling innocent animals and threatening a link in our natural environment, the long term results of which could herald another as yet unknown environmental disaster.

Wiltshire, United Kingdom

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