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To: Hampshire County Council

Oppose Hampshire Homelessness cuts
Hampshire's budget proposals consider withdrawing funding for homelessness support services. This may result in the closure of homeless hostels if local authorities cannot find alternative sources of funding.

Many people in homelessness hostels have mental health needs or physical health needs. The Council admits that a reduction in funding for homelessness support services may result in increased numbers of people with mental health and physical health issues sleeping rough in the absence of an alternative housing and support solution.

The Council says that they do not have a statutory duty around homelessness. Whilst correct, this ignores the key issue that this funding provides support for people in huge need facing acute disadvantage, many of whom will otherwise need Adult Social Care intervention at Hampshires’s expense if this support is stripped away. Furthermore, if they lose this support, those teetering on the edge may experience a dramatic downturn in their well-being.

Why is this important?

Cutting homelessness funding is a dangerous and short-sighted decision that could lead to the closure of hostels across the county. Not only will it cause a sharp rise in rough sleeping, it will also place additional strain on valuable health and social care services, meaning the proposed savings represent a false economy.
It’s hard to see how these cuts represent any financial savings overall, and it is a cruel choice in a civilised society. Please sign to stop this cut.

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Hampshire, UK

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