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To: The Secretary of State for Transport

Oppose high speed rail link HS2

Oppose high speed rail link HS2

Redirect the vast sums of money set aside for HS2 to the existing rail networks, which are in desperate need of improvement to cope with the already overwhelming numbers of passengers who are crammed into our trains like cattle.

Why is this important?

HS2 is merely a politicians' vanity project.

With passenger numbers forecast to increase even further, the aim of current and future rail improvements should be to increase train, stations and line capacity; to make life more bearable for current and future passengers, not to shave half an hour off a single route from London to the north.

There are already many environmental opponents to this vast waste of taxpayers money. Surely a majority of taxpayers would support using rail money in a far more efficient way.

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  • I am very upset that in this climate and ecological emergency we are progressing with something, ie HS2, which will make both those serious predicaments worse!! The biggest deforestation project in Europe!! Surely it makes more sense to protect the Ecology and carbon reducing assets we already have in those ancient woodlands, rather than destroy them, and have to start again with new much less effective young trees and habitats.
  • HS2 is no longer required.. All it was going to do was to make it very slightly quicker for people to travel from Manchester to London. I don't believe that passengers would have commuted from London to help the Northern Powerhouse!
  • Of no use to most people and an environmental disaster. Sell of all properties and land and spend on the NHS which benefits all. Why do ALL politicians lack any intelligence and common sense ?


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