To: The Secretary of State for Transport

Oppose high speed rail link HS2

Oppose high speed rail link HS2

Redirect the vast sums of money set aside for HS2 to the existing rail networks, which are in desperate need of improvement to cope with the already overwhelming numbers of passengers who are crammed into our trains like cattle.

Why is this important?

HS2 is merely a politicians' vanity project.

With passenger numbers forecast to increase even further, the aim of current and future rail improvements should be to increase train, stations and line capacity; to make life more bearable for current and future passengers, not to shave half an hour off a single route from London to the north.

There are already many environmental opponents to this vast waste of taxpayers money. Surely a majority of taxpayers would support using rail money in a far more efficient way.

How it will be delivered



Reasons for signing

  • A major part of the business case is a reduction in 'lost time' but within 10 years business meetings will be using VR technology and cars will all be self-driving so the 'driver' will be able to work as if still in the office. The case for extra capacity can be met by increasing capacity on existing lines. This is a white elephant being saved by politicians to not lose face and their need for 'sexy' vanity projects to feed their giant egos.
  • There are better ways to spend the many millions (exact cost is rising daily) that would benefit more people and not the few HS2 would benefot. Such as Social care and services, NHS, schools, roads and local transport links etc. We all pay our taxes!!
  • There are better ways of spending the money that will benefit more people and not just a few. For instance NHS, schools, social care and social services.


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