To: Transport for London

Oppose merger for route 305

Oppose merger for route 305

Keep the original route for the 305 as it serves a lot of passengers including the elderly, who cannot walk 400 metres.

Why is this important?

The 305 bus route is essential for passengers who lead very busy and hectic lives, the route is convenient for those travelling into London, as it is easy access to Burnt Oak Station, to parents dropping their children to the local school and needing to get to work promptly. The new route will mean additional travelling time for which is not possible, particularly the elderly who may suffer from disabilities and are not able to walk the 400 metres to access the route. The new route does not take into account those people who live on the 305 bus route who work late at night and rely upon this route to get home safely.

Edgware, Burnt Oak and Mill Hill

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