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To: Board of Governors of James Peacock School

Save Ruddington Teaching Assistant Jobs

Save Ruddington Teaching Assistant Jobs

Reject proposals to make teaching assistants redundant at James Peacock Infant and Primary School. Other sustainable cost-saving options are available and should be explored.

Why is this important?

James Peacock School in Ruddington is proposing to make a significant number of its most experienced and highly-qualified teaching assistants redundant. The head teacher claims that cuts are needed to save money but there are other ways to solve the problem. Nevertheless, the School’s governors are being asked to approve damaging plans to target teaching assistants.

Making teaching assistants redundant will cause long-lasting harm to children, to the school and to the Ruddington community. Those whose jobs are at risk have firm roots in the village and are well-known to children and parents having worked in the school for many years.

Teaching assistants provide vital support, supporting teachers in managing class behaviour as well as ensuring children with special needs receive additional care and attention. Reducing the number of teaching assistants would deprive children of support and restrict teachers' ability to teach effectively.

Not only are there other ways of balancing the School’s books, but it is likely that schools funding will increase over the next year. The government schools minister for England, Nick Gibb, has said that school funding will be a priority for the autumn spending review. Now is not the time to get rid of teaching assistants who are indispensable for the children and teachers of James Peacock.

Ruddington, Nottingham

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Reasons for signing

  • The teaching assistants at James peacock school are some of the most dedicated and passionate people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They make such a difference to children’s lives academically, socially and emotionally. Their skills and dedication go beyond that of what their job description asks and they are essential to the children’s progress.
  • TA are vital to the school they do a amazing job
  • I know children at this school and believe tas are important in a classroom


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We'll be printing off the petition at 1pm tomorrow (Monday) afternoon. If you have anyone else in your household who would like to sign or know anyone else who might like to add their names, please encourage them to do so today or tomorrow morning.

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Here's a direct link to our upcoming event:

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