To: Stevenage Borough Council

Opposed to garage cleansing charge by SBC

Only those who own a garage within a council owned compound have recently received a NEW cleansing, weeding and sweeping charge, brought in by the council in 2022, as a way of making money to increase their income and make up for a deficit in the council's budget.

This is wholly unfair, unjust and discriminates against garage owners. After all, it would appear, we are an easy target!

Other residents who do not own a garage and who park their cars in the compounds are not being charged. WHY? Because the garage owners are an easier target, that's why.

We believe this 'service charge' should come out of the council tax, which all residents pay each year, and as it always used to be, and not be issued as a separate demand to garage owners only.

We are happy to keep our garage areas clean and tidy and would hope other garage owners would comply to this as well.

It wouldn't be so bad if you could actually see the council carrying out this work, but it's not the case, and as many have pointed out, it has never been done. It appears SBC are trying to 'Take money under false pretences'.

If you are opposed to this outrageous new demand and agree to the above points, please sign this petition.

We want this new demand from SBC for money from garage owners only, for a service they do not perform, to be cancelled.

Spread the word so we get as many people to sign it too.

This will be presented to the council as a demand to cease this unjust charge.'

Why is this important?

Its important that we stop this ridiculous charge as it will only increase year after year and we are yet to see anybody from the council maintaining these garage areas.
Stevenage, UK

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