To: UK ICO and Mobile Operators and Public Wi-Fi providers

#optmeoutoflocation tracking by the mobile and Wi-Fi operators

#optmeoutoflocation tracking by the mobile and Wi-Fi operators

Ask my permission to track my location - stop burying my consent in legal contracts that no one ever reads. Stop selling my location and movements to 3rd parties without my informed consent.
Most people think if they turn off location services on their phone they are safe from location tracking - but they are not, mobile operators and Wi-Fi hot spot providers are tracking you anyway using different technology.

Why is this important?

A location history of your movements for the last year or more is incredibly insightful. Location data can show your sex, your approx age, your home and work addresses, where your children go to school, whether you are ill or becoming ill, how affluent you are (or how much poorer you are becoming), who your friends and family are (or were), your sexual orientation, how fast you drive, your personal preferences and lifestyle and much more. Worse - you really don't know who this data is being sold to or what for.

To learn more and how to opt out go to and sign our petition asking the UK ICO (Information Commissioners Office) to make the mobile and Wi-Fi operators ask our consent before they take and use this data.