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To: Dominic Raab

Organise Repatriation of 400+ Brits trapped on board Coral Princess

Organise Repatriation of 400+ Brits trapped on board Coral Princess

Please urgently organise repatriation for the Brits that are currently trapped on the Coral Princess Cruise ship in South America.

Why is this important?

Countries such as Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina are refusing to allow Brits to disembark the ship to catch flights back to the UK, including my mum who is travelling on her own.

There is no illness onboard and they haven't been off the ship for the last 12 days. The plan now is to sail to Fort Lauderdale in Florida (due to arrive 4th April) but we need the government to step in and send repatriation flights to ensure that they can get home. The reason being is that they have twice been promised that they can disembark (in Buenos Aires and Rio) to catch flights but have then had this revoked at the very last minute. This is causing so much distress to the 400+ Brits on board. Make Dominic Raab take some proper action here and get them all home!

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