To: Government enterprise and regulatory reform bill.

Orphan works are not free images

Ensure that social media and other enterprises do not corroborate in making digital content such as images untraceable and thus considered orphan works that are then usable as a "free for all" image grab of photos from individual members of the public and professional photographer alike. This means that social media providers should preserve the full image data such as EXIF information on all images they up/download.

Why is this important?

This is important as using any particular communication channel should not also infer free licence for that operator to take or hide ownership of the individual's property that's passing through that channel.
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Reasons for signing

  • I paid for my kit, I paid for any training I've had, I've got up at 4am and drove god knows how far, I've edited the photo, it's mine. Some thieving scrote should not be allowed to have it without paying for my time and labour!
  • Remember the fuss over Instagram snatching your photos? Well, the UK government just made it legal.
  • I work hard to create my work and I want to be know as the author of my images. How can I get my work noticed if no one knows I created it? It's just another example of corporate greed in my opinion!