To: Heaton Manor School

Our children are there to learn

Our children are there to learn

Stop treating our children like prisoners:
- Isolation for minor uniform infringements.
- Walk in one direction only.
- No coats inside school - take them off in the pouring rain before you enter.
- Have an opinion on any of this - PACE detention for being unruly.
- Threats rather than praising good behaviour
- Students afraid

A discussion is needed between staff, children and parents. Then rules can be made in conjunction with those they affect. This has been proven to be the best way to implement rules and regulations in a school environment.

Why is this important?

None of these things create a conducive learning environment. Many of the children are responding with anxiety and stress. How can being obsessed with uniform improve learning? A comfortable and happy child will learn far better than one who is under duress.

Punish the bad kids. Don't force the good ones to suffer too.

Heaton Manor Comprehensive School, Newcastle upon Tyne

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Reasons for signing

  • My girl cries herself to sleep. She's 12 years old
  • This is totally inappropriate for a high school. No talking in class - okay. No talking in corridors - not okay. No coats inside school? Where on earth do you put coats, which have cost parents money, when it's bad weather? Some parents will have spent money that they really haven't got to buy their children coats. Me thinks a further Ofsted review is needed in relation to treatment of the pupils.
  • The school shoes issue is now getting out of hand. What was wrong with the old system. Is this now an education department issue OR certain schools only. Kids are there to learn but kids are being disrespected. Yes there are the trouble makers. Punish them. It's time parents stand up and make their voices heard


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