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To: Alex Neil MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Communities and Pensioners' Rights

Our Green Space versus Bike Park Takeover (Edinburgh Dumbiedykes area)

We want to have the planning permission for a bike park recalled, until there has been proper consultation.

Why is this important?

The area is needed for physical and mental wellbeing for all the nearby residents, living in high rise and low rise flats. It is our only garden space, used by children and families, dog walkers and wildlife such as foxes, hedgehogs and bats. It is where we see the seasons change and have a moment of peace.

Now there is a bike park development happening without local people knowing anything about it. The trees have all been cut down and the grassy area is about to be covered in tarmac. The residents here have not asked for a bike park, nor want it.

Consultation was kept to a finely calculated minimum, and an arrangement for just one person on the council to approve planning consent, sealed the deal. Most people had no idea the land was being sold off for £1 pa and no other ideas were discussed, despite surveys having taken place with the residents.

The idea for a bike park only came from councillors, who are keen cycling enthusiasts, back in 2012. They then involved other cycling specialist interest groups to set up a charity, called Braidwood Bike Group aka Skelf,, and ‘supported’ them with planning agreements to give away our land for £1 per year.

This means that the bike group, Skelf, now own the land and can build a bike park.

Whether you support a bike park or not, there was supposed to be a full consultation of local residents to discover ideas for our green space - promised as part of the planning permission presented to the council. The council refuse to do anything despite being presented with evidence of the flawed consultation and so we need your help - please - to make them take notice. Every single person who signs will make a difference.

Results from surveys in the area asked for:
· benches and picnic tables,
· keeping the area as it is as a quiet space
· some playpark activities for kids. (NOT a bike park)

The trees have all gone already but stage 2 is to cover up the grass areas with tarmac bike paths - please stop this from happening without proper consultation.
Bowmont Place, Edinburgh EH8 9RY

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