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Our hedgehogs need help

Our hedgehogs need help

Withdraw UK approval of the A24 trap used in New Zealand to kill hedgehogs.

Why is this important?

DEFRA has approved the A24 trap trap used in New Zealand to kill hedgehogs for use in the UK. The government have approved the trap for use on rats and stoats, and expect people using the trap to make sure they don’t accidentally trap hedgehogs. But hedgehog expert Hugh Warwick thinks this will make little difference:

“The reality is nobody is going to be policing it, nobody is going to be out there, and hedgehogs will get caught in these traps”

Hedgehogs are a protected species in the UK, it’s illegal to trap and kill them, even accidentally. Due to the destruction of their habitat by the removal of hedgerows this British favourite has come into urban areas and sought food and safety in our gardens. This has resulted in many deaths as they find most gardeners use slug pellets which are toxic to them and the other main danger for them in urban areas is road death.


Reasons for signing

  • Put a hedgehog house in my garden as get regular visitors in summer. Any chance someone could invent a trap like this for politicians?
  • Hedgehogs used to live in my garden. Sometimes I could see seven at a time. I haven’t seen one for decades. They need all the help from us that they can get. BHPS (British Hedgehog Preservation Society) might be able to help ban the traps.
  • I just love hedgehogs they're gardeners friends why do these people want to harm them leave hedgehogs alone


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