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To: Michael Gove MP

Outlaw the digging out of foxes

Outlaw the digging out of foxes

Ban the digging out and killing of foxes by game keepers and those others with long dogs and terriers who take pleasure in killing our wild life.

Why is this important?

Digging out terrified animals who have tried to hide underground is a hideously cruel and unnecessary activity. Those who get their kicks from slaughtering our wildlife in this way are posting their grisly images and videos on social media and bragging about their exploits. Sometimes, after hours of digging to reach the terrified creature, s/he is hauled out and thrown to the dogs. Often the mutilated corpse is mocked and photographed and displayed as a sickening trophy for the groups who take delight in killing animals. This ugly pastime has no place in the UK in 2019. The police have powers to punish hare coursers by crushing their vehicles and confiscating their paraphernalia. Hare coursers may also be sent to prison. If your government is serious about protecting our wildlife and the environment, we the undersigned respectfully request that you make the digging out of animals that have gone to ground illegal, and punishable by imprisonment, confiscation of equipment and dogs and hefty fines.


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  • Cowardly scum.


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