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To: Thurrock Council

Outside Aveley Primary School Zebra or Pedestrian Crossing

Outside Aveley Primary School Zebra or Pedestrian Crossing

Provide a safe passage across Stifford Road to Aveley Primary School for Children, Parents and Residents of all abilities by means of either a Zebra or Pedestrian crossing.

Why is this important?

Stifford Road is one of the main routes in and out of Aveley Village which is used by all types of vehicles including HGV's. The Safety of children and all is compromised greatly by there being no crossing outside the school. It is reported that the Lollipop Person has also been struck by a vehicle on more than one occasion therefore no crossing is no longer an option with regards to safety.

Thurrock, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • For the safety of kids and parents. We from new estates group of families raised similar concerns (speed bumps, CCTV, proper footpaths, fencing, street lights & additional TFL bus)in 2018 with Cllr Tim Aker & Thurrock council and met personally for the improvement and safety purposes. After several follow ups came to know the reason, low Budget they couldn’t take any action against our petition. We need development in our ward not only high street but also other parts of Aveley & Uplands.
  • My nieces attend this school, and last time I dropped them off I was shocked that there was not a safe way for them to cross the road,
  • It’s been needed for a long time


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