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When I and many other people, told Scottish power I was planning to change my energy provider to a cheaper price - 'miraculously' they could match the deal!! Why didn't they simply apply the best deal automatically? In my case it meant a difference of over £40 per month. For some I have heard about, it was more. Multiply this by the hundreds of thousands of people in similar positions and it could amount to millions of £££ overcharged.

Why is this important?

At a time when wages are not keeping up with rising prices, many are struggling to survive financially each month, food, fuel and other essentials are costing more each week(whatever politicians tell us -I bet not many of them do the food shopping!!) to have this extra money in our pockets and not in the grasping electricity company coffers is essential. Lets raise the issue loudly to them to clean up their act.

UK wide

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