To: Minister of State, Christopher Pincher MP

Overnight accommodation available for all

Overnight accommodation available for all

Make it mandatory for all local authorities to provide overnight accommodation, every night, for those that are homeless and sleeping rough, regardless of perceived vulnerability.

Why is this important?

Within 21st Century Britain, it is completely unacceptable that thousands of people are sleeping rough every night because they are not properly supported by their local authority. 'Priority need' means that people are prioritised over others due to their vulnerability, however, surely it is not unreasonable to view every homeless individual as vulnerable?

Local authorities should be providing beds for people that are sleeping rough, whether that be in the form of a youth hostel, hotel or permanent. The Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 states that "a local housing authority’s duty under section 189B(2) or 195(2) is a function of the authority to secure that accommodation is available for the occupation of a person only if the authority decide to discharge the duty by securing that accommodation is so available.” The simple fact of the matter is that accommodation can be made available if people are prioritised over profit. There is always beds available, even if this means that councils have to pay for beds themselves. Nobody should be without a basic human right.