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To: DWP and the PIP assessment company

P I P assessment and its treatment of CSE/CSA Survivors

They need to have appropriate medically qualified people dealing with CSE/CSA Survivors and councillors available to deal with triggers and the trauma these assessments cause - or at least lived by experience peers their. They also need to have medically qualified people, read the forms submitted by Survivors and bother to speak to the Survivors GP as put down on their form

Why is this important?

Extremely vulnerable and broken people are being treated as though they’re consumer products by non qualified assessors. Its unfair and the harm being caused could cost lives. Survivors have been through hell and they are faced with having to go back their again with these inconsiderate, unprofessional and non consistent interviews - the fallout could easily tip someone over the edge - i know because it nearly did me. People could take their own lives having to go through this unfair hell !!



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