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To: The Government

Palestinian State

Palestinian State

Recognise a state for Palestinians

Why is this important?

On the 13th October MP's voted 274 to 12 in favour of recognising a state of Palestine. The government have decided to ignore the wishes of our elected representatives. Out of over 50 speeches only 6 of these speeches spoke against recognition. The majority of the conservative party abstained from voting.
This is a classic case of why the electorate feel disenfranchised.


Reasons for signing

  • Palestine needs all the support it can get. Recognising Palestine as a state is a fundamental step and countries that have not done so are now doing that - which is important and encouraging.
  • So this is democracy, I had it all wrong.
  • 274 to 12. And yet the will of the people is ignored. You are our servants not our masters.


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