To: Large department stores and their customers

Paper not plastic!

Paper not plastic!

Stop selling plastic carrier bags for goods and instead, either give or sell paper based wrappings.

Why is this important?

I recently bought £90+ worth of clothing and the only wrapping on offer was a 5p plastic bag! I am happy to pay for paper, but surely we ought to be getting rid of plastic, not being trapped into buying yet more? The arguments about a 'bag for life' or reusable still do not take the plastic out of circulation. We need a national campaign. This is about non-food large stores, selling clothes, shoes etc. The food stores have sorted their packaging over the last few years, because they sell consumables

It is an environmental and social responsibility matter. We need to use our resources carefully ,so for me that means avoiding plastic whenever possible and instead using and re-using paper based wrappings and bags.


Reasons for signing

  • Totally agree, in fact we need to get rid of plastic packaging in all forms as far as we can. Where plastics are needed we should be using bio-degradable materials.
  • Really good idea, can understand why we use non plastic bags for food but, paper bags should be used for clothes and not plastic which should now be outlawed.


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