Parliament should be dissolved, and an early General Election held.

Parliament should be dissolved, and an early General Election held.

We the undersigned, demand the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn calls for a formal vote of no confidence in Her Majesty’s Government.

Why is this important?

The last Budget exposed George Osborne’s record of profound unfairness and economic failure......

The resignation of Ian Duncan Smith reveals a Government in disarray, and a Chancellor who has lost the credibility to manage the economy in the interests of the “majority” of our people.

The Chancellor has failed the British people, he should follow the honorable course taken by Ian Duncan Smith and resign....

Now the European referendum vote is to take Britain out of Europe, prompting David Cameron's resignation This Tory Government are divided and falling apart at the seams.


Reasons for signing

  • This government is crippling the country. From the NHS to housing to Universal Credit and the way they are treating the weakest in society. Brexit looks a shambles too. This has to stop now before it's too late. There is so much at stake. The stories have to go!
  • No deal with dup no way
  • Get this dimwit out!


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Margaret N. 12 days ago
this Country is going downhill fast...the government is doing whatever they want and dont give a damn about its own people.Quote- unquote. This country has lost its soul, and it began with Thatcher.

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