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To: Chris Grayling MP

Passenger Representation for Train Operating Companies

Passenger Representation for Train Operating Companies

We demand that all Train Operating Companies (TOCs) in the UK rail system have mandatory, permanent passenger representation on their boards.

TOCs in the UK are very far from delivering a service even close to what the passengers require, and even further from what they have paid for.

Why is this important?

A publicly elected commuter on the board of each TOC will ensure that they are forced to see through any promises they make to their passengers and they will be more effectively called to remedy any issues that exist or arise within their franchise.

If the government insist on maintaining the consistently under-performing franchise system, then passenger representation at this level is the only possible way of moving forward.

These companies can no longer go on simply paying lip service to the needs and concerns of British commuters whilst making enormous profits from them.


Reasons for signing

  • If you are a commuter please sign our Petition to enable us to improve our very poor service. Thank you, please share also so we spread the word.


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