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To: EWMHS Commissioners

PAUSE EWMHS 0-25 Contract Sign off...

PAUSE EWMHS 0-25 Contract Sign off...

Our Children’s Mental Health Services (EMWHS) are being signed off without co production and consultation with parent groups. We have been offered engagement but not Co-production.

There are serious service gaps that have been apparent for the last 5 years and this new contract does NOT address them for our Special Educational Needs & Disabilities and neurotypical children & young people.

This contract ( procurement) will be signed off December 2020 & January 2021 for another 5 years.

We can not let this happen without meaningful consultation in Southend , Thurrock & parts of Essex.

Please prevent this until we have co-produced and are satisfied that it is safe , no more children die or sectioned unnecessarily and needs are met.

Please sign the petition and help us as parents to " PAUSE" this NOW.

Why is this important?

Our most vulnerable rely on us...

Southend-on-Sea, UK

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