To: Angela Rayner

Pause the 'Right Buy' policy immediately!

Photo by Allan Vega on Unsplash
 It goes without saying that access to housing in the UK. is critically below that which is needed.
The following Government link gives the facts and figures but here is one paragraph taken from it ...........
5.1 Starts and acquisitions

Since the reinvigoration of the Right to Buy in April 2012, DLUHC has collected data on the number of properties which have been started or acquired using the receipts of Right to Buy sales. In 2021-22, there were 5,089 properties started or acquired using Right to Buy receipts, a decrease of 20% compared to 2020-21 and a decrease of 17% compared to 2019-20. Data on the split between starts and acquisitions was first collected in 2017-18 and since then the split has varied, with starts accounting for between 48% and 62% of all replacements each year.,and%20the%20Greater%20London%20Authority.

As you will see, there are just not enough houses being built to replace those sold under the scheme. 

I urge the next Secretary of State, most probably Angela Rayner, to pause the scheme until all the social housing needs have been met.

A Grandfather clause should be granted for sales already in progress.

Why is this important?

Buying your first home is a pipe dream for the majority. Rents are sky high. There has to be a radical rethink if ever this problem is to be solved