To: All Employment Agencies

Pay agency staff for bank holidays

Pay agency staff for bank holidays

To consider paying staff for all bank holiday..they work extremely hard just like any other worker that is part time, permanent etc.

Why is this important?

Temporary staff are recruited to outsource. 9 out of 10 times there isn't any follow up from the agency liaising with staff to find out how they are getting on unless it's an email regarding their changes or contact by the agency changes or you yourself need to query your salary etc. Based on experience an speaking to other people that work for agencies they feel less important because once recruited they feel as though they are recruited to clean up what the permanent staff doesn't want to do and are sometimes left to be a self learner with no assessments once started. Staff enjoy the agency roles because of the flexibility and weekly income but are not listened too by the companies nor agency enough and feel that they should've atleast paid for bank holidays. E.g....If for any reason there's two bank holiday in one week staff are only paid for 3 days. A lot of staff are very committed to their jobs because this is how they feed their families but believe they/we should be paid full salary on bank holiday or half pay so that annual leave should not be considered to be used on this occasion but for other personal holiday bookings. Staff are neglected to often by agencies that are paid out a lot for their work/efforts when none of the agency staff even liaise with the workers to understand how hard working they work, what they do or upcoming issues giving agency stay a sense of belonging knowing they have full support. A lot of us are very flexible e.g. If It's summer holiday permanent staff or people without children often has priority in booking their annual leave over some of the temps when it should be the same. It's unfair an whilst am speaking from experience. Yes some agencies may be different but I do believe if this petition goes public a lot of staff will come forward with the same concerns.I believe it's happening in other agencies and we should be paid on bank holiday and be treated equal like permanent staff because we work just as hard.


Reasons for signing

  • I have signed this based on experience and the constant lack of organisational, communication and fairness with agencies